My New Smile: Composite Veneers!

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Hello friends! Today I wanted to share about my composite veneers from what made me want to do it, where I got it, how it felt/feels and all that jazz so make yourself comfortable.

To start off, I have very textured teeth since I was young. My natural teeth has these lines on them and i’ve had it since the day my adult tooth started growing. I have friends who have teeth like mine and it has nothing to do with our personal hygiene (pls). It happens for many reasons and mine was because I apparently swallowed too much toothpaste as a child. As I was growing up, I noticed that there wasn’t anyone who had such textured teeth like mine and it made me very insecure. I never smiled with my adult teeth until I was like 12? Of course, I slowly got over this insecurity when I realised there wasn’t much I can do (at that time, anyway).

before composite veneers (click and zoom for the gritty details)

I’ve heard of veneers but I wasn’t aware of the many different types — it ranges from composite to a full on new set of porcelain teeth — thus I didn’t bother. Until recently, I stumbled across Smileway Dental’s Instagram. I saw ‘before and after’ photos of some girl’s teeth after composite veneers and I was like holy shieeet I need those. I did some amount of research and proceeded to schedule a consultation at Smileway Dental Clinic. The clinic is very cozy and homely which I liked. I met with Dr Belinda Dwee for my consultation as she would be the dentist taking my case. She was such a sweet and attentive dentist. Dr Belinda understood my concerns and was very helpful in advising what’s suitable for me to make my smile look the best. After consultation, she scaled and polished my teeth to prep for my composite veneers.

Exactly a week later, I headed back to Smileway Dental. Honestly, I was so excited and thought about it everyday!! I was placed in the procedure room shortly after arriving and Dr Belinda started working on my teeth right away. As she was working, she also shared what she was currently doing or what she’s planning to do, she also made sure to ask for my opinions on the new shape of my teeth. We settled on square edged teeth as it suits heart shaped faces (like mine) best. My natural teeth were longer and rounder on the edges. The whole process took about 2 hours for a set of my front teeth (6x tooth). Was it painful for me? Nope. My upper front teeth aren’t sensitive so i’m not sure about the pain for anyone who does have sensitivity. Dr Belinda advised me strictly not to eat any food or drinks that may stain the veneers for 2 days. 

I went back for touch up and laser whitening the following week. The touch up appointment is for the dentist to check if the composite veneers shape, width, thickness match your lifestyle and mouth habits. The composite on one of my canine tooth chipped so Dr Belinda fixed it. Laser whitening was done on my lower teeth but it was quite painful as I have sensitive teeth which means it will be my first and last experience for that. Specifically one tooth hurt the most and continued to hurt for the next day to two. I feel this level of pain because I grind my teeth when I sleeping and that particular tooth’s top edge is already very thin. Dr Belinda also moulded a night guard (something like retainers) for me to wear when I go to bed to protect my teeth when I grind which I collected 2 days later!

In total, I visited Smileway Dental 3 times (not including night guard collection) in a span of 3 weeks! Consultation first, then procedure and lastly touch up! Composite veneers are semi-permanenent and last up to 3-4 years depending on how well you can maintain them. Lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking wine and coffee, etc are also factors in determining the longevity of your veneers. For a teen like myself, the best choice would be composite veneers. They can be removed should I wish to do braces in the future and the composite veneers also affordable enough to replace once they’ve chipped off. The long awaited question… how much was it? Well, it’s actually a pretty affordable price! RM400 per tooth for composite veneers. Some people only get 1 tooth done, some people get the whole set - it’s entirely up to you!

after composite veneers (click and zoom for damn near perfection)

It's been about a month and i'm so so happy with my new teeth! I feel like the smooth texture makes me look more clean and polished. Also, the new shape definitely enhances my face more so thank you so much Dr Belinda for suggesting the square edges! Honestly, I feel that just by fixing your teeth and smile, you can look so much better without going for any facial aesthetic procedures. I might be going back very soon to deal with my Bruxism so stay tuned for that blogpost!

Hope you enjoyed reading xx

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