Ol'deer Event Place: A New Space

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Ol'deer Event Place is a new space started by a lovely couple, Annie and Kyle. As of right now, their venue is four months old. Not long after opening the place together, Annie sent me an email regarding a collaboration. Upon reading it, I was ecstatic!
We were looking at a space of 1,875 square feet of space! With this you can honestly do a lot. You can host birthdays, baby bash, corporate meetings, product launches and any training. To add on to your interest, they are really affordable - aiming to provide you moments to remember and not bills to be paid. They do their best to make your wishes happen according to your budget.
Not to mention, they provide you with all the basic amenities that you need for any type of events such as tables and chairs, sound systems, car parking space, sofas, bean bags, decorations, ideas etc. Although the indoor space is a non-smoking unit, they do provide an outdoor space for smoking guests as well. So you don’t have to worry about any fines on the smoking rule.
Since so many of you have asked me to have a pop-up store, yard sale, literally anything that you guys could buy my pre-loved items from -  I decided to host a pop-up bazaar! It was my very first time organising something like this. With some help and encouragement from my close friends Sabrina and Erica, we decided to move forward with the plan!

Obviously I had to name it something catchy and Sunday Soiree was born. We had 20 vendors including myself on the day and a turnout of 300 people. Annie and Kyle were the most helpful they could ever be. They attended to the vendors who just arrived, helping them move their setup upstairs. They were also very attentive to all the guests' needs.
It was a success and i'm very grateful for each and every one of you who turned up. I'm especially grateful for all the vendors who were willing to participate even though it was only my first time. I'll admit that it wasn't easy and I went home with very sore feet. All in all, I was really pleased with the whole experience and would do it again in a heartbeat. 

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Website: oldeerevent.com
Phone: 017 228 3136
instagram: @oldeer.eventplace

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