Road Trip to: Rawang

7:36 pm

I just came back from Rawang this morning but couldn't wait to blog about we did for the past 3 days!! Finally, an actual trip with my good ol' buds. Ah. Last month, we have been cracking our heads planning for a getaway before Erica leaves to further her studies in Negeri Sembilan and Bee to Singapore for his 3 month internship. Scanning through tons of villas, resorts, hotels - we found the perfect one. Templer Park Rainforest Retreat!

The front of the house. The stairs are to go up to the first floor where 2 out of 4 of the bedrooms are!
 Me and Desmond's bedroom
Our little balcony and right under us are Bee and his girlfriend, Nyit Yen
Erica and Shukei's bedroom! Joshua and Jess' room directly downstairs looks almost identical but bigger.
Our wet kitchen directly beside the house with a small hangout-area-for-one right on top!
Our dining area
Directly above our dining area is this beautiful rooftop perfect for chilling!
On the first day, we all woke up early and left our house around 8am and headed to Kanching falls. It was only 5 mins away from TPRR! There are 7 stops in total all with a small stream or waterfall which you can wade in. We hiked all the way up to the highest one! It took us about an hour or so with no stops. After the 4th stop, the trail started getting a little more challenging but its no biggie! :)
Disclaimer: water was edited for instagram.
This was the 5th waterfall which looked too dirty to enter in my opinion but we took some photos anyway cos it was quite photogenic.
We made it! Nyit Yen made us some sandwiches but I don't have any pics because I was already in the water when everyone was eating hahaha (too excited?)

HORRIBLE GROUP PHOTO but self timer on a rock. Okay laaaa. 
L - R: Bee, Nyit, Shukei, Erica, Jess, Me, Des, Joshua :)
It was pretty small but the water was so clear and cold, enjoyed every bit of it!
Came across a lot of monkeys (left pictured XXL monkeys we saw)
Felt so refreshed after soaking in the water for about an hour or two. We then headed back down and it took us almost an hour - faster but scarier than going up!
We then went to buy groceries for tomorrow's breakfast at Tesco, only 10 minutes away before checking in. Safe to say, everyone knocked out when we arrived hahaha. For dinner, we headed to Ho Ho Food Station, where they serve western food not far from our home. Food was super cheap and delicious!!
After dinner, we had some drinks and played some Carrom. Only pics I got from that night.
Next morning, everyone helped to prepare breakfast. Eggs, sautéed mushrooms, chicken sausages, mash potatoes, baked beans, toast and fresh pressed orange juice YUM
We then spent the rest of the afternoon taking a shit ton of photos 4 DA GRAMZ. Imma save them as a surprise though.

Our evening pool session went a little like this:

Desmond on a clamshell float from Letsplash!
Tails from @sabrinathemermaid
Sabrina helping them to put on their tails for the first time!
How adorable is Sabrina's niece in-law?
Dinner!! BBQ wings (thanks Sabrina!), BBQ prawns, garlic toast and cheese mushrooms *drools*
 For dessert, we had fresh watermelon. It was soo sweet, thankfully. (5 of them were tapping and choosing watermelons at Tesco for a good 10 minutes ok.)
Funny story, we were under attack by wild monkeys who stole a whole plastic bag of sweet potatoes and 2 loaves of bread. It was quite amusing. We had some white wine (sauvignon blanc to be exact. I typed this out without googling *proud*) for our last night and played more Carrom + story time from Erica.
Everyone left really early the next morning because of life duties except Desmond and I. We cleaned up the place a little more and left with the fondest memories.

Here's to more good times with good company. Cheers x

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  1. wow really fun travel with your friends. nice post and love your outfit too and funny yours tail hahaha


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