Indigo Restaurant at Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

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It's been a while since Desmond and I had a quiet and romantic sit-down dinner together. We're always so "cincai" nowadays trying to save up some money. When Cheong Fatt Tze offered us a complimentary dinner for two at their in-house restaurant, Indigo just upstairs of the mansion - I flipped.

Quick mirror selfie outside the restaurant hehe

Beautiful view of first floor

 The restaurant prides in being a fusion of the East and West cuisine and decor. The interior was designed to complement and enhance the cuisine which it serves, acting as a reflection of the ever- evolving culinary palette presented by Chef Weng. Our food was specially picked and cooked by Chef Weng himself which meant it was a surprise for us!

Love the background of this photo - the lanterns are so pretty!

My handsome date.

They gave us a fresh baked bun with a side of butter while waiting for our actual three-course meal. This was toasty warm when we got it mmm...

This soup was my favourite dish of all. It's a thick creamy consistency, filled with tiny mushrooms, prawns, chunks of codfish(!!!) and some basil leaves. 

Our main was a salmon steak. Underneath was a lightly fried mash potato surrounded by barbecue sauce and topped with some cooked soft spinach!

For dessert, we had a very interesting coconut cake with mint jelly. The bottom was gula melaka which really complimented the cake so well. The Mango sorbet on top of some cookie crumbs beside the cake was heavenlyyyyy. 

I was so full and so satisfied after dinner. The waiters were really nice and attentive to our needs! It also gave me some alone time with Desmond to just talk and laugh. It was cute to pretend like we were "expert food tasters" hahaha, we are so full of crap. 

Thank you Chef Weng, Indigo Restaurant and the lovely people at Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion.

 Indigo Restaurant
14, Leith Street
10200 Penang, Malaysia

Instagram: @indigo.georgetown

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