2017, i'm ready.

12:33 am

Happy New Year, y'all!
2016 has treated me fairly well, i'm still alive and healthy. For that, i'm grateful and you should be too. Judging from what i've seen on social media, the past year has been a mix of emotions for everyone.

I've learned to accept my mistakes and allowed it teach me valuable lessons. To let go of toxic people and to move on from the past so I can put my whole heart, time and energy into what I love instead.
2016 has definitely taught me - now, more than ever - that life will reward you graciously when you do things with all your passion and love.
To be given the opportunity to travel so much has opened up my eyes to new cultures and taught me to be independent as well as self-preserving. The past year has tested my love life but i'm happy to still be with Desmond and we're counting on our 5th anniversary. I've made new amazing friends and kept my existing ones close. My family has also been nothing but supportive of the things I did and want to do.

I choose to focus on the good times, the great times.

For 2017,
always tell the people you love that you love them.
remind yourself there are better days ahead.
often have dinner with your family.
don't go to bed angry.
never leave arguments unresolved.
compliment others whenever you mean it.
apologize when you make a mistake.
volunteer often.
drink enough water.
let out your feelings.
be the ear for someone to let out their feelings.
keep your room clean and tidy.
be more patient with those around you.
help your friends take instagram-worthy photos.
spend money on experiences rather than things.
kiss your pets, always.
kiss your parents, always.
often tell your boyfriend he is handsome.
never succumb to peer pressure.
put on lotion everyday.
exercise 4 times a week.
avoid bleaching your hair.
listen to your mom when she tells you to put on sunblock.
cry for happiness rather than sadness.
don't waste your tears.
confront catcallers.
wear what you feel confident in.
always say please and thank you.
do no harm.
& take no bull.

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