Indonesia 2016

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On the 20th - 23rd of October, I had the pleasure of joining some instagrammers to Lombok, Indonesia.
Thank you John for letting my boyf, Desmond and I tag along!
It was one of the best destinations i've been to and I would undoubtedly return.

Day 1
8:40am KUL  LOK 11.45am

After arriving at the Lombok International Airport, you'll find some booths at the arrival hall selling their local sim cards for data.
Tip: do not buy Indosat Ooredoo because I didn't have any service at most places. I recommend getting XL/Axiata - Des got that and he had LTE!
It was scorching hot and so bright when we wanted to start our tour.

First, we visited Kuta beach and then Tanjung Aan beach - about 15 minutes away from each other.
Both of these beaches have a wooden swing, pretty for photos.

After admiring the beautiful beaches and taking plenty of photos, we had a drink at Warung Turtle in Tanjung Aan beach while waiting for the sun to go down a little.

Climbed up a mini hill with John for this photo.

As soon as the sun went golden, we headed straight for Merese Hill. Before that, I had to squeeze myself in beautiful pale yellow dress from doublewoot.
Let me tell you, that was the most breathtaking experience. The view is unquestionable.
I could sit there everyday just watching the waves crashing and liquid golden melt into the back of the mountain view.

After a lovely day of me running around barefoot and developing a foot ache, we had a great seafood dinner at a quiet place somewhere near our hotel.

Day 2
We took a 2 and a half hour van ride from our hotel to Tiu Kelep Waterfall.
We had to do a little bit of a hike to get to the actual waterfall for around 40 minutes.
There's a waterfall between the entrance and Tiu Kelep but I didn't take any photos.

Tip: get yourself one of those velcro strap sandals because it will save your life.
I didn't have one and was in so much pain because of the rocks and ice cold water.

Desmond and I only joined the rest to the Tiu Kelep waterfall but skipped chasing sunset in the evening because we were so exhausted. Also, 2+ hours of van rides are abso-freaking-lutely DREADFUL.

Day 3
All of us woke up at 3.30am just so we could catch the sunrise at Gili Trawangan island before our snorkelling shenanigans.
It was cold and dark when we left our villa, took the van to the jetty and sat on a speedboat over to the island. It was a beautiful ride as the liquid golden started pouring over the baby mountains.

shades of blue and orange, with hints of purple and pink...
how dreamy is this view
After the sun completely rose, we didn't have anything to do.
We had plenty of time to kill before our snorkelling boat came so we rented some bicycles and rounded the whole Gili Trawangan island, making our way to the most iconic swing of Indonesia.

I made a really big effort for the photos by cycling the whole 2 hours in this dress.
Boy, was that just the most annoying experience ever.
I changed into my bikini right after we were done and got up the boat to crystal clear paradise!

Gili Air is the place to be, guys.
Unfortunately, I don't have any post worthy snaps of the beautiful fishes but look how clear the water is!
I even saw a sea turtle for the first time <3

All in all,
Lombok is a beautiful place and I highly recommend visiting it.
We had the pleasure to be guided by @asrielharyadi around the place who did his best in making sure we had a happy and satisfying trip.
No, he did not pay me to say it!

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