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7:39 pm

Hello lovelies,
this is for the ladies!
I got invited to Kotex's mini blogger/influencer event hosted by Amyra Rosli with gynaecologist specialist, Dr Norleen Mohd Salleh, a consultant obstetrician & gynaecologist. I actually had a lot of fun & even won a Kate Spade wallet clutch for answering all the questions right which was really unexpected!

The main point was to make sure the word about vaginal health was spread so here I go..

Did you know that daily wetness is normal? It's because our vagina is cleaning itself. Just like other parts of our body, we have sweat glands and hair follicles that secrete moisture.
Normal discharge should look clear or even slightly yellowish. However, discharge which is brown or yellowish and curd-like means you may have an unhealthy V-Zone aka yeast infection. In serious cases, it'll probably itch like crazy, start swelling and also bleed! Consult a doctor ASAP if so!

Some tips on making sure your lil baby V is safe from all that is:
- Wear a breathable pantyliner everyday.
- Use breathable cotton underwear and change it at least once a day or as soon as you've been sweating a lot/drenched in the rain.
- Wash your intimate area properly with water and pat dry.
- Trim or wax your pubes, girls. Do it for the hygiene, not the guys!
- Consult a doctor if you experience redness, rashes, itchiness or abnormal discharge.

If you're wondering which pantyliners are breathable, try out Kotex's. It also has daun sirih extract and it's super soft. I've been using it for a few days and i'm really liking it. 
If you girls have any questions and are too shy to ask, click here & ask questions anonymously! The most frequently asked questions will be answered by Dr Norleen and you can say bye-bye to all your concerns hehe.

top: Brandy Melville
ripped jeans: Fashion Nova
shoes: Converse
backpack: Calvin Klein


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